Good Gut Health

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Gut Health is on trend at present but why?

Well it is important, and for too long we have ignored our gut health.

Did you know we are born with over 5000 species of gut microbiota about 2kg we are more bacteria than we are human.

Some common foods, medication and stress can adversely affect the Gut Microbiome, so how do we look after our gut microbiome, and why does it matter?

An imbalance of Gut Microbiome may lead to

• impaired immunity

• Irritable bowel syndrome (1 in 5 people will have IBS at some stage)

• Anxiety and Depression (food and mood)

• Joint pain and inflammation

• Skin issues

• Fatigue and brain fog

I am sure many people can relate to one or more of the above symptoms.

But great news, you can help to support the Gut Microbiome by reducing irritants and adding some gut loving foods and nutrients to support and replenish the microbiome.

If you are experiencing one or more of the above symptoms, send me a message and we can help get you started and eliminate some of these uncomfortable symptoms. Be kind to your gut.

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