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If you are ready to take control of your life, and restore your health to it's full potential, please use the options below to book an appointment. I am truly excited to help you! 

Image by Brooke Lark

Initial Nutrition Consultation

  • Comprehensive health history & dietary assessment.

  • Dietary evaluation & individualised nutritional plan.

  • Recommendations where necessary for nutritional supplementation.

  • Personalized health plan 

  • Analysis & requests for further testing general pathology & functional testing – available blood test ( QML) GI & microbiome testing  PCR/DNA Comprehensive Stool Analysis & parasitology testing (includes bacteria, yeast and parasites), SIBO Testing)

Nutrition Review Plan

  • The follow-up consultation & presentation of your health recommendations are within 2 - 3  weeks of the initial assessment with going support usually monthly for 3 - 6 months to support health goals.

        This includes; 

  • Assess your progress & make changes in your treatment & dietary plan where needed.

  • Continue introducing new food ideas to keep your dietary intake exciting & interesting.

  • Review test results provide a vital checkpoint for accountability.

  • Continue to educate you on the best nutritional choices for your body so you have the tools to use long term.

Acute Intervention

  • Helps fight cold & flu naturally in the form of healing foods & nutrients that are clinical evidence-based & with modern application & use. Acute consultation is perfect for any short-term illness like these but is not restricted to:

  • common cold

  • flu

  • bronchitis

  • pneumonia

  • coughs (especially winter and infection-related)

  • sore throat

  • gastroenteritis

  • cold sores & any other acute presentation of upper respiratory tract infections.

Nutritional supplements may be recommended this is not included and will be an additional cost. 

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