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I want to let you know that achieving weight loss and good health is more manageable than you think!

Why subject yourself to bland and uninteresting diets when you don't have to?

Transform your body and live the life you want by resetting your metabolism.

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Do you feel like a small cog in a large wheel when you start to think about your health goals? 


Are you exhausted by Western medicine and looking for an alternative? 


Do you want to find a scientifically proven method of improving your health and wellness?

That is where Metabolic Balance® is different. 


Metabolic Balance® is not a diet. 


Instead, it is a hormone and metabolism re-balancing programme. 


The aim of this 12-week programme is to reset your body's metabolic functions. 


It helps you use energy and burn fat at your body's most efficient level.

It is an all-natural nutritional program developed in Germany.  The developers were all doctors and nutritionists, so you know there is science behind this incredible programme.

It is an award-winning program designed with you at the centre.  Each plan is constructed based on your blood results and, with your optimum wellness, the destination for all.

It uses a holistic nutrition approach using the science of blood tests.  It can help with many issues that you may be experiencing.

Some of the issues that people have reported improvement in include:

✓ A lifelong solution for weight and health issues

✓ Loss of or weight gain in a safe, healthy, and encouraging environment

✓ Hormonal challenges

✓ Tiredness or low energy

✓ Reduction in inflammation

✓ Type 2 diabetes

✓ High cholesterol

✓ High blood pressure

✓ Feeling your age!


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Metabolic Balance® helps you change your daily eating habits forever!  Using your blood results and individual goals, we will help you live with a healthier, more balanced eating plan.  

One perfectly tailored to you and your body based on your blood results and goals.

Each of us reacts differently to food.  You may swell when you eat particular foods, while others make you feel tired and sluggish.  We help to identify which foods do what to you.  

We use this information and the results of extensive blood tests to create your plan.  You can achieve optimal health with your own individual plan, which identifies the correct foods for you.

Sharon will work with you in a one-on-one environment.  We ensure you get the support and validation you need to make these changes long-term!

The eating plan is personalised based on blood tests, body measurements, health history, and food preferences.  

You will receive one-to-one support from Sharon, who will guide you through your Metabolic Balance® plan.

Your plan is created to help you reach your ideal weight, balance your hormones, and leave you feeling your best.

Your Metabolic Balance® nutrition plan allows your body to get in balance.  We use your specific body chemistry together with the right food chemistry for you and turn these into your plan.

We will help you achieve optimal wellness by teaching you about the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals your body needs to rebalance your metabolism.

Your Metabolic Balance® plan is all about you.  It is your personal health and physical situation and your journey towards a lifelong change.

Your health and your well-being should never take a one size fits all approach!  You deserve the best, and that's precisely what we offer!

A personalised approach means that you understand what works for you.  

You will learn how to support your health now and in the long term.  Your nutrition plan will facilitate a healthier metabolism and lifestyle.

Achieving this on your own in a realistic and manageable period would be challenging.

Sharon will accompany and lead you on your journey as a qualified practitioner.  She has undergone the specialised Metabolic Balance® training programme and is a licensed Practitioner.

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A 12-week guided experience that will change your habits and choices for a lifetime of optimal health and well-being

Body Composition Analysis (BIA) and Measurements. These allow you to track your results on an ongoing basis.

Your initial Consultation will give you the information you need to determine whether the Metabolic Balance® programme is right for you.

Blood tests are performed to examine 34 different outcomes. These indicators will identify areas of deficiency or excess in your body.

A custom, all-natural nutrition plan that is simple to follow will be created just for you. This analysis is established on your blood test results and a detailed examination of your past and present choices.

During your 12-week programme, you will be invited to attend seven One-on-Ones.  These sessions will help you feel fully supported and empowered to achieve your goals.

Ongoing email support allows you to contact us if you need any help and guidance.

Ready to learn more about how

Metabolic Balance©

could transform your health?


Click below to book your

Free Discovery Call today. 

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